Noob question on Max In and Max Out

I am trying to clarify what is happening when I look at the bandwidth graphs when I see In/Out on the traffic…Is it fair to say regardless of what the Peak (Max) is, say 1.2G in and 202M is actually a total of traffic of 1.4G for that time period? I realize this may be a dumb question, but I want to ask is as I couldn’t find it to be sure.

Where do you see in the graph 500M?

Peaks and Avg are for the time period of the graph.

well I meant 202M…in that case (Max Out)…

For a “capacity planning discussion”, then adding the Max is legit.

If it is a 2G link…its not 2G available IN and 2G available out…but 2G total in full duplex and that is reflected in the graph.

Usually links are full duplex, so if you have a 2G link (full duplex), you should be able to get 2G in and 2G out.

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