Not sure what I broke


Just trying out LibreNMS to replace our current observium, we also use Check_MK.
I installed the check_mk agent from LibreNMS to try and get better MySQL stats.
and the server I was monitoring (CentOS 6.8 LAMP) started giving all sorts of
alerts in Check_MK, is there a big diffrence between the LibreNMS agent and
the OMD Check_MK Agent?

OMD Check_MK Agent is version 1.2.6p12
LibreNMS is d526a16 on Cent OS 7

Any info anyone has would be great.


Our check_mk agent is the one available from them. I’m not sure the version though.

OK thanks,
A quick look at the last commit date on github it could be
either 1.2.4p5(OMD 1.2 Aug 25th 2014) or 1.2.6p12 (OMD Oct 1st 2015).

But both agents are the same!

Will run more checks, and post back.

One step closer
the version of Check_MK agent in LibreNMS is 1.2.6b5

OK solved

It seems I missed a few server agents when I upgraded my OMD install,
Check_MK agent version 1.2.4p5 seems to be incompatible with LibreNMS,
all seems OK until you try to add the Unix Agent and any Application

Had a quick look at the files and there are quite a few changes in the code,
and extra 20 lines of code in 1.2.6p12.

Anyway onward I go.

Loving LibreNMS.

The check_mk stuff isn’t that actively developed (by us I mean) so you may come across a lot of issues :confused:

Check_MK’s agent version 1.2.6p16 should work fine