NX-OS CDP Problems

I have a pair of Nexus 7000s with Nexus 3Ks connected as layer two top-of-rack. My problem is that CDP information does not appear under Ports. When I was running the September release I would see the IOS/IOS-XR devices that are connected, but not the NX-OS devices. In an attempt to fix the problem I upgraded to the daily, and now no CDP information is available.

The problem is isolated to the Nexus 7000s, as I have a couple pairs of 9Ks that are working normally.

Edit: Figured out that the difference between the 7Ks and 9Ks is that the 9Ks have LLDP enabled, and are using it to discover their ToR. It seems odd that CDP is selectively working, but Iā€™m going to investigate whether or not enabling LLDP will be an issue on the 7Ks.

Same problem here and I know why : cisco neighbors identify themselves as FQDN(SN) instead of FQDN.
The retrieved device_ID is not well parsed by librenms and thus rejected.

May someone help me to fix that by filtering the (SN) in the discovery script, please ?

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