Observium migration missing health memory/disk usage history

I’ve been running observium for the last few years and finally decided to migrate to LibreNMS. I was reasonably successful running the conversion scripts after digging up the instructions from the wayback machine (somebody should probably add those to official docs at some point?)

All of my devices show and have the vast majority of their history. Oddly, I’m finding that history is missing for Memory and disk usage under the health tab. It is showing populated since LibreNMS came on line but historical is missing. Processor and Disk I/O have full history and detailed memory usage under graphs has all history as well.

I took a peek at the rrdtool command and it looks like observium was using more\different files for the same graph:



Am I just out of luck because the two are just different in this regard?

You can rename old to new.

Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure I follow.

I have all 6 of those rrd files in my librenms rrd folder, they were brought over by the script. The issue appears to be a difference in the two rrdtool commands librenms and observium are using to calculate the graph.