Old alerts still active after applying alert rule map

The output of ./validate.php: https://p.libren.ms/view/76e79cbe

First I’ve created an alert rule, in my case (High temperature):
%sensors.sensor_current >= "30" && %sensors.sensor_class = "temperature"

Than a device ( triggered an alert, because one sensor was at 32.

After that I created an alert map for rule High temperature with the target g:USVs

Important: Device is not a member of the group USVs!

Problem: The old alert still exists in the global list at /alerts/ and on the device page at /device/device=93/tab=alerts/.

When editing the device and go to Alert Rules, the High temperature rule is not shown (which is correct). And also when capturing the debug information for the device for alerts (/device/device=93/tab=capture/) the rule is not shown (also correct).

After moving on with my configuration I found the problem/solution:

During the configuration the alerting system was disable via the global settings.

Although alert notifications were still generated, they didn’t disappear after applying the rule mapping. Enabling the alerting again did clean the old alerts.