Optical transponer counters

I would like to add support for optical transponders. The values to track and graphs would be

Type Unit
chromatic dispersion ps/nm
differential group delay ps
Q2 factor dB
carrier frequency offset MHz
electrical SNR dB
preFEC BER Ratio (logaritmic scale)
Tx power dBm
Rx power dBm
Module temperature C

The counters are related to the ifindex of the normal ports that has in and out packet counters of the device.
I’ve started by creating new sensor types for the ones that currently don’t exists and make a discovery inc.php for each counter and then adding each new sensor type to the gui. But it became alot of files to create and change.

Are there a better way to add the groups of counters in one discovery fiile and only show them in html under the device port view?

Unfortunately at present you need to add those files. Here’s a PR of mine which adds additional sensor type support so you know what needs adding and where: