Out of Disk Space


I’ve been running LibreNMS as one of the provided Virtualbox VMs. I’d given it 8GB disk space and now it has run out of available space.

  1. How should I clean up space?
  2. What should I do to prevent this from happening again? Is there a script that can clean up the logs/data after certain interval?

Thanks in advance.

8GB seems to be way too little.
Normally a Linux system should have at least 20 to 30GB.

I would suggest to have 40 GB of disk.

To clean up gave a look at

RRD graphs in your /opt/librenms/rrd folder will take up the most storage, but won’t increase in size unless you add new devices as far as i’m aware, so add all the devices and work out how much disk space they need. Then you can purge like mentioned above.

For me, it ended up being the BOOT folder was full of old linux.images. Deleting them then updating fixed the issue