Oxidized failing

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Hi below is my config file, librenms and oxidized are installed on the same server. when I run oxidized service I get the bellow error, we have fortigate firewall, cisco switched

E, [2022-10-14T12:12:19.390900 #99160] ERROR – : raised OpenSSL::PKey::PKeyError with msg “pkeys are immutable on OpenSSL 3.0”, saved
D, [2022-10-14T12:12:19.390939 #99160] DEBUG – : lib/oxidized/node.rb: Oxidized::SSH failed for
D, [2022-10-14T12:12:20.336680 #99160] DEBUG – : lib/oxidized/worker.rb: 1 jobs running in parallel

cat config

username: backup
password: [email protected]
model: junos
resolve_dns: true
interval: 3600
use_syslog: false
debug: false
threads: 30
timeout: 20
retries: 3
prompt: !ruby/regexp /^([\[email protected]]+[#>]\s?)$/
next_adds_job: false
vars: {}
groups: {}
models: {}
pid: “/home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/pid”
directory: “/home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/crashes”
hostnames: true
history_size: 10
default: ssh, telnet
debug: true
secure: true
passive: true
utf8_encoded: true
default: git
user: oxidized
email: [email protected]
repo: “/home/oxidized/configbackup/git-repos/default.git”
default: http
debug: true
name: hostname
model: os
group: group
X-Auth-Token: ‘1b792f7bc58514ce2220f7c04e3dedc7’
username: backup
password: [email protected]!!!
username: oxidized
password: oxidizedpassword


Adding more logs

[email protected]:/home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/logs$ cat
[email protected]:/home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/logs$ cd …
o[email protected]:/home/oxidized/.config/oxidized$ cd crashes/
[email protected]:/home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/crashes$ ll
total 12
drwxrwxr-x 2 oxidized oxidized 4096 Oct 14 10:49 ./
drwxrwxr-x 5 oxidized oxidized 4096 Oct 17 17:37 …/
-rw-rw-r-- 1 oxidized oxidized 2098 Oct 17 17:37
[email protected]:/home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/crashes$ cat
2022-10-17 14:37:56 UTC
pkeys are immutable on OpenSSL 3.0 [OpenSSL::PKey::PKeyError]

/var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/kex/ecdh_sha2_nistp256.rb:55:in generate_key!' /var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/kex/ecdh_sha2_nistp256.rb:55:in generate_key’
/var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/kex/ecdh_sha2_nistp256.rb:31:in initialize' /var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/algorithms.rb:398:in new’
/var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/algorithms.rb:398:in exchange_keys' /var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/algorithms.rb:228:in proceed!’
/var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/algorithms.rb:167:in accept_kexinit' /var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/session.rb:210:in block in poll_message’
/var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/session.rb:190:in loop' /var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/session.rb:190:in poll_message’
/var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/session.rb:225:in block in wait' /var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/session.rb:223:in loop’
/var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/session.rb:223:in wait' /var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh/transport/session.rb:90:in initialize’
/var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh.rb:246:in new' /var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/net-ssh-5.2.0/lib/net/ssh.rb:246:in start’
/var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/oxidized-0.28.0/lib/oxidized/input/ssh.rb:27:in connect' /var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/oxidized-0.28.0/lib/oxidized/node.rb:67:in run_input’
/var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/oxidized-0.28.0/lib/oxidized/node.rb:44:in block in run' /var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/oxidized-0.28.0/lib/oxidized/node.rb:38:in each’
/var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/oxidized-0.28.0/lib/oxidized/node.rb:38:in run' /var/lib/gems/3.0.0/gems/oxidized-0.28.0/lib/oxidized/job.rb:9:in block in initialize’

I’m experiencing the same problem. Have you found a solution?

Unfortunately no solution, yet.

I’m also having trouble with Oxidized. The service just isn’t running whether I try to start it with the oxidized user or the librenms user.

I’m entering

sudo systemctl start oxidized

and authenticating as oxidized user. After authentication is complete systemctl just sits there. I did Ctrl^C and entered

sudo systemctl status oxidized

and got this result:

● oxidized.service - Oxidized - Network Device Configuration Backup Tool
     Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/oxidized.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: activating (auto-restart) (Result: exit-code) since Fri 2022-11-11 09:29:49 EST; 4min 37s ago
    Process: 1239057 ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/oxidized (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)
   Main PID: 1239057 (code=exited, status=1/FAILURE)
        CPU: 240ms

Nov 11 09:29:49 librenms systemd[1]: oxidized.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
Nov 11 09:29:49 librenms systemd[1]: oxidized.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

My issue might be unrelated to the rest of the thread. I rebooted the server and it started back up okay.

@eggbeater98 is your oxidized working on ubuntu 22.04?

@lovalim I neglected to mention that my installation is running on Debian 11.


I have oxidized via docker on Ubuntu 22.04, it’s working, but with an annoying bug, which I don’t know why.
The bug: when I click Refresh, an error message appears in LibreNMS and the backup is not updated.


I have the same setup on Ubuntu 20.04 and it works normally.

@SantiagoSilvaZ can you please share which method of installation you have used for oxidized on ubuntu 20.04.

I used docker-compose provided here.

my docker-compose:

# docker-compose.yml
# docker-compose file example for oxidized that will start along with docker daemon
version: "3"
    restart: always
    image: oxidized/oxidized:latest
    container_name: oxidized
      - 8888:8888/tcp
       - /opt/oxidized/config:/root/.config/oxidized/config
       - /opt/oxidized/logs:/var/log/oxidized
       - /opt/oxidized/configs:/root/.config/oxidized/configs/

I installed using docker-compose “docker-compose up -d

@SantiagoSilvaZ is your docker and librenms on the same server and docker-compose up -d is a script or?

@lovalim , yes, both are running on the same server, only the oxidized one is in a container.
docker-compose up -d is used to up the docker container.

I used git repo. and it works fine. but when i created the oxidized.service in /etc/systemd/system and try to run as a service i am getting below message. Anyone can help in this.

● oxidized.service - Oxidized - Network Device Configuration Backup Tool
Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/oxidized.service; disabled; vendor preset: enabled)
Active: activating (auto-restart) (Result: exit-code) since Tue 2022-12-13 08:46:39 +03; 1s ago
Process: 845521 ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/oxidized (code=exited, status=217/USER)
Main PID: 845521 (code=exited, status=217/USER)

Dec 13 08:46:40 libre-nms-pro systemd[1]: /etc/systemd/system/oxidized.service:1: Assignment outside of section. I>
lines 1-7/7 (END)

Hi friends
I found the solution to the above issue. in oxidized.service the user was oxidized but i was using root. so i changed it to root and its working now.