Oxidized grouping filter fails for specific OS

Hi guys , After integrating oxidized into librenms , there is something I can not make work propperly:
Im trying to create os based groups.
Those are my lines at confg.php:

$config['oxidized']['default_group'] = 'my_default';
$config['oxidized']['maps']['group']['os'][] = array('match' => 'eos', 'group' => 'my_eos');
$config['oxidized']['maps']['group']['os'][] = array('match' => 'routeros', 'group' => 'my_ros');
$config['oxidized']['ignore_os'] = array('proxmox','smartax','apc','swos','linux','netonix','edgeswitch');

Problem is that “eos” filter is not working.
When I curl the lnms api , I got “eos” under the “my default group” like:

“hostname”: “”,
“os”: “eos”,
“ip”: “”,
“group”: “my_default”

including “eos” into ignore_os array does not work neither.
routeros filter is working as expected.

Why , I can not filter “eos” ??

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