Oxidized Sync status: no_connection

can some one help me with this error : Sync status: no_connection

i am getting error “Sync status: no_connection” on the config tab of some device.


That looks like the status straight from oxidized so is a question for them rather than here. However, seems self explanatory to me, oxidized couldn’t connect to the device. Enable debugging in Oxidized for further info.

I had the same issue and resolved it by enabling Debugging in Oxidized config, and watching the logs with sudo journalctl -u oxidized --since "2019-10-16 14:21:10" --no-pager | grep 192.168.x.x and figuring out that I had SSH encryption issues with a few firmware versions. In a temporary fix, I ended up running a very specific version of Oxidized with less secure SSH encryption in Docker docker run -dt --name oxidized -v /home/oxidized:/root/.config/oxidized -p 8888:8888/tcp rbrayner/oxidized and all of my device issues were resolved.