Point a different SSH client for device access

Dear people, I want to know if it’s possible to point a different SSH client in order to access the devices.

I need to go to any network device on LibreNMS, go to Actions and after that when I click on the SSH icon I want to open a custom SSH client like Putty or any other.

Is it possible???

Thanks a lot!!!

I think this depends on the OS and the compatibility of the SSH clients, some clients might have proprietary URL schemes.

I’ve not done this, but for Windows it looks like:

If your client exists on the Windows App Store then i think you can search in windows for “default programs” then look for changing the default protocol for SSH. Then you can choose an APP from the APP store.

Registering another app for use with default programs/protocol:

It looks like you will need to manipulate the ssh:// protocol by changing registry on windows.

This link should help https://superuser.com/questions/204066/make-ssh-links-open-with-putty

Let us know how you progress :slight_smile:

Chas, thanks a lot !!!

I’ll try you told me right now and I tell you if I success.


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Dear Chas, I tell you I success with your advice:

Kitty is now my default telnet and ssh client and when I click on the telnet and/or ssh icons from each device, kitty is opened and it waits for login and password.

Thanks a lot again, greetings !!

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Awesome :slight_smile: Do you have the Reg file you used, or where you changing manually?

Chas, the Reg file is the one linked in the Kitty website:


I do not modify this file at all, I’ve just created the C:\Program Files\Kitty folder and into it I’ve put the “kitty_ssh_handler.reg” and “kitty-” files and I’ve renamed the second one to “kitty.exe”. After that I’ve run the “kitty.exe -sshhandler” command within a CMD opened as Administrator.

And nothing else, just ready!!!

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nice one cheers will give it a try also :slight_smile:

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