Polling IP / Address instead of Name

As far as i can tell currently when we add a device to librenms we get to select the name or put in an IP for it to use as the polling address.

However if we use the IP the name of the device is reflected in maps, tables, oxidized, etc by IP.

Our problem is we don’t currently have a well-organized DNS system and while we are looking to correct this we would love if we could separate the device hostname and polling address fields similar to other nms systems. By default they could even autopopulate to be the same when adding a new device

try this
$config[‘force_ip_to_sysname’] = true;

This looks like it has resolved it being reflected in the device inventory and tables. However for third party integrations it appears to still go by IP. Such as weathermap picker and oxidized. Still this is a start, I do feel that a name + polling ip would still be beneficial quality of life improvement