Problem display port details after update 21.7.2020

Hello after update to version [
1.65-47-ga4c550206 - Tue Jul 21 2020 14:27:21, there is problem to show detail of ports:
On Selected Device click to Ports -> Select and click to any port.

Result 404, page not found.

Core of the problem is, that when clicking to port detail there is opened wrong URI
In our case:

When trying to open we can see the port details correctly.

The same issue was discovered on two different systems.

Same here, some of the URLs are now broken (LibreNMS version 1.65-47-ga4c550206). The first part of the URL is duplicated (e.g. This makes that some pages unavailable (404), and, additionally, some graphs are no longer visible.

Running ./ (updating to 1.65-52-g86220eed9) fixed the issue.