Problem with sub-id

Hi. I am trying to do monitoring for UFiber OLT. During discovery everything is fine, values are loaded, but during pooling the sub-id does not match.

Is it a MIB error, SNMP in the unit or Libre?
Is there any way to resolve this?

Validate: Untitled - LibreNMS
Discovery: Untitled - LibreNMS
Poller: Untitled - LibreNMS
Yaml: Untitled - LibreNMS

Thank you

I found that LibreNMS takes the serial number of the drive as a sub-id, but stores it as a text format. However, according to the answer in the forum, they convert it to ASCII, so the snmp OID does not exist when queried by the poller.

Is there any way to resolve this?

I’m not sure what the expected outcome is. (I also don’t know what sub-id is)

Perhaps you could give some examples of the current output and expected output.

I’ve already sorted it out. It is a very badly written MIB file from Ubiquiti, it had a poorly defined index.

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