Problems parsing %id into alert templates

Hi all,

I’m trying to use the %id variable for my custom alert template using the email transport, but when I received this mail this value is blank.

I’m trying to use it because I guess it’s the id field into the alerts table, and I need it in order to correlate events. My template is like this:

Title: %title
Severity: %severity
{if %severity == critical}
Impact: 1
Urgency: 1
Impact: 2
Urgency: 2
{if %state == 0}Time elapsed: %elapsed{/if}
Datetime: %timestamp
Unique-ID: %uid
Event-ID: %id
Status: %state
Source: LibreNMS_IP
Os: %sysName

Details: {if %name}%name{else}%rule{/if}
{if %faults}
{foreach %faults}
DeviceId: %value.device_id
Faults: #%key: %value.string

I appreciate your help.


Try ?


I tried also with unsuccesfully.

Any idea?