Problems setting up healt sensors


I’m having trouble adding a new device to LibreNMS

I’m trying to add cinema projectors and a server, to monitor their health

I got the new os working somewhat. It shows up on the GUI as “Barco SP4K” as intended. But I can’t seem to get the health sensors working. No graphs, no reporting of anything.

The projector should support SNMP.

I added the MIBs to the corresponding directory and point to it in the YAML files

Here is the poller

And discovery

What are my next steps? I’m interested in monitoring the temperatures, RAID status, voltages, and c

Thank you all,

Without seeing your yaml it’s hard to know where to start.

I have no experience with such devices, but have a look at some existing examples, like the Barco Clickshare device for what is required for sensors:

If you’ve got the relevant MIBs as it appears, then you have a chance.

I’ve had the most luck hunting for things with OIDView SNMP MIB Browser - Free Download … takes a few moves to get there, but to locate that CpuFanSpeed sensor defined in that yaml above with OIDView:

You compile the MIB:

Then use the MIB browser:

Then profit:

If you can find what you need, then use some existing examples from other devices to help define them and keep testing.

The list of sensors you can define via yaml is here: Health Information - LibreNMS Docs

I forgot also, there is this script: Intro - LibreNMS Docs new-os.php.

I recall getting stuck down some epic rabbit hole with mib2c paths etc, but did eventually get it to find the odd sensor on a network switch once, and it does a lot of the heavily lifting for the OS itself to maybe nudge you further forward.

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