Question about BGP routes

Dear community

Is it possible to graph in LibreNMS the number of routes that a specific BGP peer advertise? Current routing module tracks the updates of BGP sessions but no the numbers of prefixes/routes

It would be great to have this information in LibreNMS

Thank you

That’s already there on the routing page:

Just click prefixes: IPv4, IPv6 or VPNv4.

Hi Laf, it seems that the problem is only with a few devices. Routes graphs are available for device types Cisco & Arista, bur for example for a Huawei router it only display the BGP sessions but when doing click on V4 routes it does not display anything

Please check URL video as a example

Thanks for your support

Hi Laf, if we provide access to a Huawei VRP router can you help us to troubleshoot why there are not graphs for received BGP routes?

Thank you

You need to check with Huawei if your device supports the BGPv4 MIB, seems like it most likely doesn’t

Theres a way to put this type of graphic on dashboard?