Question about non-detected outages?

I set up Services and I have them working. I set the alert time to -1, however if the service restarts in under a minute Librenms does not send an alert. Is their a way to tell Librenms to send an alert even if the outage is short?

You can try reducing the polling interval: 1 Minute Polling - LibreNMS Docs
But, in any case, the service has to be down at the time of the polling for an alarm to be raised, so if the restart is very fast, there is always the risk that it might happen between polls.

Alternatively, you could configure the server to send traps.

I have fast ping enabled. However this specifically is for monitoring a Windows service. Thank you for mentioning traps, I don’t have experience with it but will check into it. Any advice or shared knowledge is appreciated.

To configure Windows to send traps:

2) In Services, access the Properties window for the SNMP Service
a. Select the 'Trap' tab
--- Community Name: Enter the community string or SNMP credential WUG will be using to connect, then click "Add to list"
--- Trap destination: Click "Add...", enter the IP address of the WUG machine, and click "Add" to save
b. Select the 'Security' tab
--- Check 'Send authentication trap'
--- 'Accepted community names:' Click Add. Enter the community string or SNMP credential Libre will be using to connect
--- 'Accept SNMP packets from these hosts'. Click Add. Enter localhost and the IP address of the Libre machine.

Got this from Progress Customer Community

After that, you’ll need to enable the Trap handler in Libre:

I have never done this in Libre, but let me know if you run into any issues and I’d be glad to help.

Do I need to enable the separate SNMP Traps service? Or just leave it as is (currently disabled, set by microsoft)

Thank you!

No, you don’t. That service is meant for traps being directed to the Windows server, not the other way around. :slight_smile:

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