Question regarding contacts and Alerts

Greetings Everyone,

I have started using LibreNMS in a ISP NOC environment and so far its has been working great so thank you very much for the hard work in effort put into this project.

I have read over the documentation and couldn’t find anything on this but I could be missing something. Currently I have the need to have a separate alert with a customized alert template to be sent to the system contact of certain devices that I have already created a group for and is working. The problem is I also have another more global alert rule with a template that is sent my NOC.

I was wondering is there a way for the global alert not to be sent to the system contact but the customized one to still be sent while the global is still sent to the default contact.

Thanks in advance.


Thats not really possible with the current code.

so just so I understand correctly there is no way currently to exclude the syscontact on a per alert rule basis ? if this is correct is there a way to exclude a device group from a alert rule set while matching every other device ?


Correct. This will be worked on in the near future hopefully.