Raspberry Pi Distributions other than Raspian?

Hi, i have a number of Pi’s running OSMC, and a another running Pi Hole.
The Pi Hole device is detected properly in Libre using the SNMP Distro Script (assuming this bit…)

elif [ -f /etc/debian_version ] ; then
DIST=“Debian cat /etc/debian_version"
ID=lsb_release -i | awk -F ':' '{print $2}' | sed 's/ //g'
if [ “${ID}” = “Raspbian” ] ; then
DIST="Raspbian cat /etc/debian_version"

The Pi’s i have running OSMC are just detected as basic Linux Devices. Initially, they didn’t have lsb_release installed, so the script couldn’t detect what was running, so i installed lsb_release and if i run lsb_release -i i get Distributor ID: Debian
If i cat debian_version i show 9.4

Is it possible to get Libre to display the appropriate Icon for the DIstro thats running on these devices ?