Removing a config value

normally one overides config values in config.php and leave the includes/ untouched.
e.g. add a value to the “bad_if” array that already exists in includes/

$config[‘bad_if’][] = ‘badinterface’;

in config.php

BUT, how do you remove a predefined value/element from this already existing array ?
because includes/ shouldn’t be touched (under git control)

TIA for any suggestions.

Adding some notes here:
To empy the array from includes/
and then
$config[‘bad_if’][] = ‘voip-null’;
$config[‘bad_if’][] = ‘virtual-’;
in config.php to repopulate the “bad_if” array…
It seems that the “bad_if” array isn’t “unset” in config.php, but the values are simply added to the array which still exists…

Any ideas here ? TIA

Solved it…
Seems that a bad char in the unset looked OK, but it wasn’t.
Retyped the unset clause and all is fine now.