Report on ports unused for <x> days

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I’ve just been through the tedious manual exercise of finding all the ports configured and notionally active on my LANs that have seen no traffic for 90+ days… and disabled them. Has anyone by chance created a reporting solution that would enable the report to be run more frequently (to not be in the situation where >1000 ports are to be disabled again).

I can envisage how it can be done, but if someone has already done it then that saves me an afternoon :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting. Query snmp & store in database or just look for zeros? That would be a fun exercise.

Actually I think you have to do it a different way - if you just look for zeroes in SNMP you’re going to get false positives any time that counters are reset or switches restarted…

ran into your question. I have the working solution for the exact same case but it uses an observium DB as a source of info. Your question encouraged me to modify my script to support libreNMS as well.

you can find it by the link:
the script itself is located inside the script folder

I will translate the readme to english if someone would pay any attention

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