Returning groups to oxidized


I want to feed a group to oxidized.

Now my group definition in oxidized looks like this -

%locations.location = “ABC”

And I override snmp syslocation and use ABC as my location.

Then in config.php, I have this -
$config[‘oxidized’][‘maps’][‘group’][‘location’][] = array(‘match’ => ‘ABC’, ‘group’ => ‘ABC’);

But I want to use description of devices to map my groups.

So I can define group %devices.purpose = “ABC” and it works.

But I cannot return that group to Oxidized. In config.php I have written -

$config[‘oxidized’][‘maps’][‘group’][‘description’][] = array(‘match’ => ‘ABC’, ‘group’ => ‘ABC’);
which does not work.

Is there any way, I can use a device’s description to map group in librenms and returned that lo oxidized.