Riello UPS

Hi Folks I’m not sure if this is the right place to add this, But we have some Riello UPSs, on the whole Libre does an amazing job of seeing most of them however if fails to see some of a very slightly different model, I have added the OID to the definations file and that works great, I was just wondering how to submit this so it may help others ? Forgive the very basic understanding of GIT

OID in question: - .
added to riello.yaml

*os: riello
text: ‘Riello UPS’
type: power
icon: riello
rfc1628_compat: true
- { graph: device_current, text: Current }
mib_dir: riello
- .
- .
- .
- .
- .
- .
- .

Please provide ALL info asked for here.