RRD Tune issue


The “turn global rrd tuner on for all ports” doesn’t seem to work for me. If this is set to Yes, then when adding new devices, it doesn’t seem to tune the ports as some devices still get crazy spikes.

“Tune all rrd port files to use max values” under Global settings → external

A Device that is added after enabling globally:

After changing it in Device → edit → Enable RRD Tune for all ports? to Yes it then works fine and the ports are then tuned and no more crazy spikes - happy days!

I know there is a script to do this, but I thought newly added devices would accept the global setting?

The global value won’t show per device, it’s just active on all devices unless you’ve gone in and enabled it for that device as well and then disabled it.

However toggling it on within the device does nothing unless a new interface is created.

Anyway, regardless of that - looks like the code is a bit poor for this, please create an issue on github referencing this post.