RRDCached network option


I just got the dispatcher service running with the main lnms and 3 distributed pollers.
Looks good so far.
But now RRDs are not populated.

RRDCached was configuren like mentioned in the docs and worked for the last 2 years before distributed polling.

Now I wanted to add the network option to rrdcached to give the pollers access. So I added -L to the rrdcached.service

My file looks like following:
ExecStart=/usr/bin/rrdcached -w 1800 -z 1800 -f 3600 -s librenms -U librenms -G librenms -B -R -j /var/tmp -L -t 4 -F -b /rrd-data

But now rrdcached won’t start anymore.

What I am doing wrong?

Can anyone help?

I got it working by setting the IP and the port wit “-l”.

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