Ruckus R510 MIBS

Having a problem with Libre not recognizing Ruckus AP R510 as a wireless device. Any help would be greatly appreciated

./discovery.php -h HOSTNAME -d -m os

pastebin that output please.

Doing it right now laf thanks!

I have the latest mibs to give you

That indicates the device is picked up as a wireless ruckus device already.

When we go to the wireless page >>>>then clients we see all of the other brands clients counts and bands like 2.4 and 5 but the 14 ruckus are not on the list. I made sure to enable the option to track wireless and wifi under all of the ruckus. Also when you go to the device group wireless they show up with the others but it does not show a wifi icon like the others and only shows the link icon like a switch.

They have no wireless support at present.

What can I do to help make this happen

I have this problem too, Librenms shows the Ruckus logo for this device, but there is no wireless tab.

However, the enterprises mib returns 3,706 entries. Clearly the data is available.

$ snmpwalk -v1 -c fly1ngm0nk3ys enterprises.25053 | grep -c ‘’

I can even get the number of connected users (ruckusWLANStatsNumSta)

$ snmpwalk -v1 -c fly1ngm0nk3ys .
SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.25053. = Counter32: 8

Having the same with the Ruckus Smartzone controller.

Does someone already have a solution?