Running libre without needing to think about the underlying OS

Hi all, pretty much every time I upgrade something within the underlying Ubuntu 18.04 OS Libre breaks. Is there some way of running Libre on a dedicated Distro that removes the reliance on underlying OS? For instance my current challenge is lnms migrate spitting out errors!

I’m very aware the current OS version 18.04 is old but the though of migrating to the latest Ubuntu version and starting another 5 years of broken dependencies… well I can’t do it!

Can you offer any suggestions that might take some of this pain away? I wish I had more time to understand what’s going on but that’s not going to happen. :frowning:

I really want to continue using LibreNMS as it’s amazing.

This is what docker/podman are for.

Alternatively use vm snapshots or package locking.

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