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So I was wondering how many devices you guys are monitoring with LNMS? Device count, and size of your LNMS install. Just general details. I think it would be an interesting exercise to find out what the community does. It will also help future users who want to know how large an environment LNMS can handle, to find real world examples via a google search.

Currently I have ~700 devices.
1 x Server running Apache, memcached and RRDCached, doing discovery and polling.
1 x MariaDB server
2 x Poller devices.

CPU load on pollers during polling interval at ~70%. DB and apache cruising along still.

I have 4701 ping only devices on one VM, memcached and RRDCached, doing everything.
VM has 5 threads given from i5-8600T cpu, load is around 60% at all times and 4GB ram is given to the VM.

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Right now I’m migrating from Nagios and Cacti to LibreNMS and we’re aiming for roundabout 1000+ devices and 30 000+ ports/sensors/data points. It’s all VM. I’ll be back for more once the system is up and running.

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