Scalling libreNMS

We are using libre to add devices to it via its API. Libre data is pushed to our monitoring system (libre is added as a proxy there).

The problem is the polling is happening at varied timeframes even with defaults set on libre and monitoring system. That is possibly coz our libre server is hosted in EMEA.

We are on our way to create instances at several regions, one in NA and another in APAC.

Once they are installed what is the best way to scale.

  • Should I send the devices per their regions to their respective regional libre servers?

  • If we lose one server, how do we make sure the device data is still pushed to monitoring servers
    Is it best to scale Libre using the distribution polling? I did not understand much in the article, as in Ill have to go through it a couple times. Is that the approach? or is there a better approach?

The servers could be a VM (current one is in cloud). The other ones may be a VM as we are slowly migrating in NA.

  • If the databases are synced across all, it will be using a lot of memory and disk, which is why I was wondering if there is another way.