Selective interface

Hi, I’m sorry if this was posted somewhere else but I just can’t find the answer to this. I’m new to LibreNMS and I don’t want to believe this is not possible as it would seem very akward. I use and still use other systems as well but I want to use RDD for long storage metrics and billing.

When LibreNMS first scans a device with SNMP it adds all network interface which is fine for most use cases. Bu in case scenario I have virtual devices which get added and removed all the time for some specific devices which is not practical for docker hosts as I will receive alerts every time one is removed and added, plus I end up with a tons of garbage history about removed interfaces. I only want to monitor specific container interfaces I added manually, not every single one Libre detects on the next pooling.

How can I achieve the opposite? Do not scan any interface except the ones I selected manually in LibreNMS?

I did found a setting called Enabled Selected Polling but I don’t see what exactly this does. I don’t see any difference and it still adds new interfaces on every new polling scan.

Have a look here

Hi @Dejan
Per Port Polling is absolutely something else, which does not cover your need.
You should have a look at this:
Basically, you ignore all interfaces, and only use good_if to allow the few you need. Not sure you’ll achieve your usecase, but this is the only approach in current LibreNMS implementation that may do it.

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