Sensor alert for traffic below a specific threshold?

Hello! Sorry because my English is bad. LOL. How can I create a sensor for low threshold of traffic per port? I have tried an alert created by a user in the community, which was traffic above the threshold, changing it to be below, but it does not work for me. Thanks for your help!

ports.ifInOctets_rate or ports.ifOutOctets_rate

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I used ports.ifOutOctets_rate and it doesn’t alert me, now I’m going to use IN

thanks for your answer!

I used this query:

SELECT * FROM devices,ports WHERE (devices.device_id = ? AND devices.device_id = ports.device_id) AND (ports.ifOperStatus = “up” && ports.ifAdminStatus = “up” && (ports.deleted = 0 && ports.ignore = 0 && ports.disabled = 0)) = 1 AND ports.ifInOctets_rate > 19660800

but not alert. Some help? Thank you

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