Services parameters

What if any macros/variables can I use within the parameters of a service? Aka are there ones for hostname/IP? So much easier to copy and paste parameters for different boxes if I don’t have to modify it every time with the different hostname or IP.

By default the service check users the hostname/ip of the device you are adding it to. For the parameters, these are the ones you pass to the nagios plugin so if it supports -w 0,10% then that’s what you add.

Normally, for host I want to run services on, but don’t/can’t monitor (say you want a service check of http for you can add the host, check the “force add” button, and then once added, check the “ignore” to disable normal alerts. This will enable the host to be available in the “add services”

Note, I have a bug filed in github that hasn’t been resolved yet, in case you run into a similar issue:

Basically, MOST arguments to the service checks will be normal, but you will run into issues with things being escaped incorrectly

That makes it so much easier to set them up when I don’t have to add the -H on everyone :slight_smile: