Setting up distributed environment - do I need a webserver running on poller to manage it?

I have setup an enviroment with webserver, database, rrdcache and redis all running on their own virtual server instances. The validate.php script on the main server returns all green, so that looks fine.

I also have setup a poller running on it’s own server instance - also succesfully validated and showing up in the poller section at our main LibrenNMS website.

Question: how do I manage a standalone poller? Do I need Apache or Nginx installed and configured to do so? Or is there another way so I can avoid opening up https acces to all future standalone pollers?


After initial configuration through CLI during installation, there is nothing much to configure on pollers .

if you want to access, only way is through SSH

Thanks RR1!

I guess I just don’t get the whole picture.
I see the standalone poller (and the local poller as well) popping up at de main server’s website but I don’t see how I can instruct the poller to actually poll specific devices (or the other way around).
I know it should be simple but I just don’t get it.

Thanks for your time.

I just found out I have to add a device which then automatically is getting polled by all active pollers.
Next I need to figure out how to assign just one poller to a subset of devices.
But anyway getting somewhere now.

Below section from documentation gives more details

I finally got everything working.

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