Setting Up Linux VMs and AWS Instances for Consistent Handling by LibreNMS

I’m new to LibreNMS and looking for some guidance to properly configure linux hosts for consistent handling by LibreNMS. I am running several CentOS 7 and Ubuntu 18.04 hosts as well as a few Amazon linux instances. In some cases, the network interfaces are seen and some times, not. Only one of the hosts shows the Ubuntu icon and is recognized as running that distribution, all others just show as running linux with the penguin icon.

Is there a reference snmpd.conf file that I should be reviewing or perhaps just using across all linux hosts? Is there something else I should be looking at in my LibreNMS configuration?

Thanks in advance.

Yes check this doc

Thank you, that’s really helpful. My Ubuntu hosts are all now recognized as such and the network interfaces are being seen. I will move on to the CentOS 7 hosts next and finally the AWS linux instances.

Should I eliminate the snmp.conf file that appears in the /etc/snmp directory (presumably after commenting out the mibs line) or should that file plus the reference snmpd.conf file (with changes to the community specification) be used?