Show information as min/max/actual together with percentage

Good Afternoon All,

I have migrated from Observium to LibreNMS.
I’m still tunning the tool to fit my needs, but im wondering if is possible to show some information as min/max/actual and percentage, similar with what Observium does.
For exemple :

  • Observium on the device page for the memory shows " Total Mem, Used Mem and the Percentage"
  • On LibreNMS for the same device and “page” I only see the “Percentage Used”

I’m adding the images side by side to clarify what i mean.
Thanks for all the help in advance

LibreNMS has a stacked bar for different kinds of memory, such as buffers and cache (helping you see actual memory available on Linux for example). So using that for min/max isn’t really compatible. It could be shown on the graph though.

Oh, LibreNMS is on the left :smiley:

That seems pretty busy, but I would be happy to see improvements in the display. Also, there seems to be a lot of repeated data in the Observium one :confused:

yeah, but it’s easier to see.
To get the same information, i need to go into the graphs for the specified section, which is not really helpful sometimes.