Silly question about services configuration

I would ask in IRC chat but that place is dead.

I was under the impression that services run every 5 minutes.

I see services I configured are in the 40 to 50 minute range, but I DO notice that the statistics of the service are changing (ie: icmp ping moves from .570 ms to .870 ms)

Is that an uptime for the service or what?


If you have the cron job configured it should be working. Its should be polling from the cron job every 5 min.

.570.870 ms thats just the response time. and it’s working.

Hardly although if you’re expecting a response in 5 minutes then it’s not the place for that.

The time you see is the time the service last changed, i.e went from fail to ok.

I think the 40 - 50 minutes is time since last change in status.