Slas alert handling, opstatus only either 2 or 0?


I need some help in configuring reasonable alert rules for Cisco IP SLAs.

I found out that you need something like

%slas.deleted = “0” && ; otherwise you will have alerts for IP SLAs which have been discovered by LibreNMS, but no longer exist on the device.

%slas.status = “1” && ; the IP SLA should be active on the device…

The IP SLA status itself, well this is my question…:

I only see %slas.opstatus, which seems to be “0” if everything is OK, and “2” if there’s a problem.

It looks like it is reading OID (at least for a “ICMP echo SLA”).
However it seems that %slas.opstatus becomes a “0” if the OID returns “1” (OK) or becomes “2” if the OID returns anything else (-> ).

So there is no way the differentiate between a “2” (disconnected) returned by the OID and a “3” (over threshold)?

Can somebody confirm this please (this will end in a feature-request)?
Is there a documentation to this?

Thank you for your help!