Smokeping with distributed RRDcached

I would like to add the Smokeping integration in a distributed cluster, but I am having difficulty enabling it in the web UI.

I have a distributed cluster set up with 3 servers:

  • Web server: nginx and varnish
  • Database server: mysql, rrdcached, memcached, and redis
  • Poller server: librenms poller service

My plan is to run smokeping as a master instance on the DB server, so RRD files are saved there, and run another smokeping as a slave instance on the Poller server to perform ICMP. However, when I enable the integration (from here), there is no Ping tab that shows on the device pages. I see that from the ./includes/html/ file, it makes sure there is at least one RRD file for the device before starting graphing. It seems to do this check locally (on the web server), and not via rrdcached.

Any suggestions on how to get this to work without moving my master smokeping instance to the web server?

Did you manage to make this work? I too have an RRDCached server which I would like smokeping to use for the purpose of having a centralised RRD files server.

I am unable to find any documentation which will allow me to set the rrdcached ‘daemon’ instead of datadir in smokeping.

Using smokeping slave instance on the poller servers to perform the ICMP is something I had not thought about and would like to know if you were able to achieve this and what steps were done in the process.

I did not :frowning: . I plan to come back to it, maybe submit a PR to allow rrdcached daemon, but haven’t got around to it yet