SNMP down vs. Device down

Is there a way with the alerting to tell between an SNMP fail and ICMP fail? We’ve got some devices where the snmpd process will fail out and crash but the device is still up and working properly otherwise. We’re working on the snmpd problem but in the meantime would like to be able to tell if it’s truly down or if SNMP is just dead again.

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Same here
we are also getting false alerts when the device is working fine but SNMP pool gets timeout
need some way to alert if device is down or snmp is down and in case of snmp it should retry once more time before alerting

Same here guys… did anybody find a solution for this? I guess could make a rule for device down only ICMP?

I had the same problem - try:

%macros.device_down = "1" && %devices.status_reason = "icmp"


Thanks, I will give it a try.