SNMP timeout for CS121 cards

So, there seems to be a problem with the CS121 UPS SNMP cards, that it shuts down when getting too many queries. As I’ve understood, LibreNMS uses the “sensors” module when querying UPS values like voltage, current, time remaining on battery and such. The problem is that the “sensors” module does not only contain queries for UPS, it contains at lot of other functions as well. Functions that do not exist on a CS121 card. Would it be possible to split these functions up so that only the relevant queries are sent to the UPS devices? As it is now, the cards “die” and then come back after 5-10 minutes. Discovery is not possible since it stops after the first few queries.

So, nobody has a clue about this? I was looking at the possibility to use custom OID, but I can’t get that to work. Why that is still not in the general release beats me. Seems like a basic function that exists in any monitoring application. I can query the values that I need to monitor on the CS121 SNMP card manually, so there’s no problem with upsMIB. The problem is that the whole rfc1628 is used by the sensors module and that will be too many queries at the same time for the CS121 card.

I have the same issue.
Nobody has a clue for this ?