Some switches are showing Down on LibreNMS Devices Panel

Hi all,

i am using distributed polling. Some switches some times are showing “Down” on Devices panel. But after few mins, they come back to “UP” with the correct up time (for example: 103d 4h 12m).

I can ping the switches during switches are showing down on LibreNMS Devices Panel

Please give me an advice. :slight_smile:


Jeff Deng


Jeff Deng

Are the pollers completing the polling cycle of the device ?

In the eventlog for that device, does it perhaps state “Status changed to ‘down’ from SNMP check”? This indicates that the snmp communication is lost. A device can show offline for 2 reasons, ICMP check and SNMP check. The latter being the one I think you are facing, because you are stating the devices are pinging back. I would look at whether you can reach a device with snmpwalk commands during this time, to see if the device’s snmp engine is up and running and if the result is indeed a false indication in LNMS. In my experience, LNMS has been correct most of the time when reporting down/up status.

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Thank you guys. The issue has been resolved. It was ICMP and SNMP communication problem between devices and distributed pollers.