Sonicwall Gen 7 OS


Can anyone help with adding support for a Sonicwall TZ Series Gen7?

LibreNMS just picks it up as “Server” type.

I have some devices spare at the moment, so could make one available remotely for SNMP interrogation

I’m having the same issue. All of the previous gen Sonicwalls are being recognized. I don’t even get processors on the new one.

thats what i get, have you had any luck since?

Edit /opt/librenms/includes/definitions/sonicwall.yaml
At the bottom of the file add the following line

  • .

Your file should look like this:
os: sonicwall
text: SonicWALL
type: firewall
- { graph: device_bits, text: Traffic }
- { graph: device_processor, text: CPU }
- { graph: device_mempool, text: Memory }
- .
- .

Make sure to not use TAB when editing this file only use the spacebar.
Once done you can manually run discovery:
cd /opt/librenms
./discovery.php -d -h

The only thing that isn’t working is the CPU load value. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the OS on the Sonicwall or an issue on the LibreNMS side.

Send a pull request with the changes instead so everyone can benefit from it

UPDATE: Sonicwall firmware 7.0.1-5080 fixes the CPU reporting issue:

GEN7-32347 A SNMP get of getDeviceInfo returns an invalid object identifier