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Any suggestion on how could I prevent running out of space? When space is full, web UI cannot be accessed. I already tried enabling the Cleanup Options and even change the values to 1. But nothing happens.

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See this:

Good day @Daniel_Schmidt,

Already done that. Still monitoring if it will work. But for now do you have any way to manually conduct cleaning of DB?

Set those values and run ./

MySQL typically doesn’t free up space when you delete data, you might need to dump the large tables and reimport them. That’s a mysql thing so you can look up how to do that on google.

Hi @laf,

I already run ./ command and yet nothing changed.

Have you run something like ncdu to see where your space is actually being used?

Then it’s got nothing to delete. See the rest of my response to gain disk space back from mysql.

How about the cleanup options? Will it help?

I already enable that option and set it up to 15 days.


Does clearing mysql logs help?

Try with, it will suggest you when there is space to free up…