Starting yesterday, LibreNMS machine become highly loaded

Hi LibreNMS geeks!
Starting yesterday, my LibreNMS installation began to load the system very high, I even have seen a 214.0 load average. I did not change anything for several days; the last change was updating Ubuntu packages relative to the system updating process. But before yesterday the load was very low and now it’s extremely high. It’s a virtual machine with Ubuntu 22.04, and 4 GB RAM. It monitors around 70-100 network devices with auto-discovery enabled. Also, I have installed RRDCached. It looks like MariaDB started consuming too much disk but what is the cause… I see php-fpm also consuming resources. I must confess that I am not familiar with MariaDB/MySQL so maybe someone can point me to where to search for the problem cause.

Looks like php-fpm tuning did the change. Now it is working again.

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