Status Map on Photo?

Looking to do something similar to this on nagios. Stupid question … can librenms use nagvis?

You could use the weathermap plugin and use a photo as the background image.

Or you can embed external images into widgets if Nagvis outputs to image.

Thank you . I will look into weathermap.

I have got weathermap installed and running but I am unclear on how to link the status of specific devices to the nodes I added to the map. Any thoughts here? Thanks :slight_smile:

To clarify, I can add the device node, but I can’t see where I would get the node icon to change based on the status of the device node.

Yeah thats not possible with weather maps and librenms.

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Dang it :frowning: ok. I may need to rethink what I am using then as this is a deal breaker.

There are map widgets and you can gets satellite imagery with them (or even custom tiles from your own tile server).