Status of dispatcher service

Can anyone let me know what the status is of the dispatcher service, specifically:

  • It is release candidate according to the docs, but when is it expected to be fully released?
  • Will the cron jobs be deprecated in the future? If yes, when will that be?

Just trying to get an idea if it makes sense to update various installs that i have running (distributed poller environment).

Many thanks,

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

If you’re running distributed, the service is the only way to go imo. We run ~2000 devices on 3 nodes with the librenms service with no issues.

Great, thank you for your reply.
We run about 500 devices over 5 nodes. One node per customer and each customer around 100 devices. At the moment we use the cron jobs, also without any issues.
We will be expanding, so that’s why i was wondering if it is best to switch to the service or if it’s just fine to stick with the cron jobs. Any pro’s or con’s for either?