Straight lines in Network Map

I like the built in network Maps in LibreNMS but I really need the lines to be straight when I rearrange the network nodes the way I need them. I’m trying to mimic the Ring on my network and I can’t get the lines to simple go straight to the next node, they are bending all over the place. Does anyone have any advice on how to overcome this. I installed Weathermap and was going to use it but I’m not that impressed with that plugin, it seems a little dated. I am a libreNMS newbie so thanks in advance for helping me out.

Hi @Arlen_Jenks
Welcome here :slight_smile:
Please have a look at this part of the documentation :

This explains how you can customize the style of the network map. I cannot confirm if you can achieve straight lines, but if there is a way, it is probably in this customization page :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will check that out and see if it helps.