Switch health is missing

Hi guys!I have a local network with cisco switches:sg200 and sg220.I collect everything via snmp from sg200 and the monitoring is working fine.The problem is that i can’t do de same with the newly model sg220.Librenms just can’t collect the health information.Fdb table is lacking of information too.I updated the firmware and compared the settings between these two switches.I thought i didn’t enable something in the newer model.Everything was in vain,and now i am asking for your help.I think i am missing something.

Hi @demo
May be this device is not yet supported by LibreNMS (does it come as Cisco Small Business or as Generic). And if it is recognised, then it could be that Cisco changed the health sensors in the SNMP tree.
One way or the other, support need to be checked by opening an issue and filling all the required data (snmpwalk being the most important):

I would suggest you dive into it and adapt the YAML description file if possible, or at least dig and find what’s changed with this device. You’ll have the chance to compare both the working and the non working device.
If not, you’ll have to wait for somebody to do it, which might take a while.

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Thanks for the answer!
The switch is recongnised as Cisco SG220 Small Business which is right.Maybe Cisco changed the health sensors in SNMP tree.

How should i adapt the YAML description file?Is there any tutorial or something?

All is documented. But the first step you have to do is to find the OID that provides the information you like. With that, we’ll help you.

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