Syslog messages via multiple interfaces

Hi everyone,
We have some amount vyos routers and LibreNMS server. On libreNMS server we have enabled syslog and everything is ok for devices which hostnames we can resolve. But vyoses have multiple interfaces like a ethx or tunx. So we have issue when we receive syslog messages from vyos via tunnel interface - we dont see messages in web interface.

I’ve created DNS record for tunnel interface IP and added host with this DNS name to LibreNMS but result the same. I am seeing syslog messages from vyos on librenms server(using tcpdump) but not seeing its in web interface. Could you please help me with this issue, maybe i should do something additional?

Thank you in advance.

Maybe it’s better to check did we have source ip address in list of addresses from device and if yes - map messages to the host. I mean if routing is change than source interface(and source ip address) will might change too.

Guys, any ideas?